About Mark Basson

Mark Basson has been involved in the EMS industry for over a decade. In 2013, he was nominated for the Centrum Guardian award, for his role in assisting a driver in a runaway truck incident. Mark has extensive emergency services experience having worked as a Firefighter, Medic, and Rescue Practitioner. Mark has also worked in the international space fulfilling the role of Private Security Detail (PSD), Deputy Team Leader, and Medic. 

Mark’s diverse experience has paved the way for the development of a highly dynamic set of skills, able to adapt to any medical, rescue, or tactical situation.

Mark’s passion for saving lives and helping those in their time of need is second to none. A shining example of Mark’s commitment to helping others can be seen in an article featured on News24.

In 2015, Mark ran the Ilovo Sugar 15km Christmas Challenge in 30kg of firefighting gear to raise awareness around EMS workers and the selfless work they do over the festive season.

Calling on his passion, abilities and experience, Mark hopes to share and teach people the life-saving skills and mindset to be able to assess, treat, and save lives in high-risk environments and crisis situations.

Mark’s International qualifications:

  • TacMed Advanced Essentials (USA)
  • Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) (UK)
  • High Threat Close Protection Officer (HABC Middle East)