Learn to Provide Immediate Treatment in Emergency Situations. Become a Tactical Emergency Care Provider.

Our specialized training courses can equip anyone with the necessary skills to treat trauma patients in emergency situations and high-risk environments. We aim to equip ordinary South Africans with the ability to save lives under every circumstance.

Why Immediate Action Medical

Immediate Action Medical delivers theory based tactical casualty care courses, utilizing current TECC/TCCC guidelines while incorporating dynamic practical skill stations and crisis scenarios. We teach individuals to provide immediate life-preserving emergency care in highly stressful situations.

The crime statistics released by the SAPS (South African police service) for 2016/2017 make clear that we live in an extremely high-risk environment known for consistent occurrences of violent crime and unnecessary death.

This means that South Africans directly exposed to life-threatening situations requiring tactical emergency care, can be the first responder to preserve life. Immediate Action Medical courses train individuals to swiftly identify, treat, and stabilize those in a critical condition before medical emergency services arrive.

Mark Basson Founder Immediate Action Medical

Founder, Mark Basson

Calling on his passion, abilities and experience, Mark hopes to share and teach people the life-saving skills and mindset to be able to assess, treat, and save lives in high-risk environments and crisis situations.

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